Sunday, August 1, 2010


WOW--where has time gone? It has been awhile since I have posted. Here is just a re-cap of some of the fun we have had since May to now...

Ogden Marathon 2010
PS. For those of you wondering if I ate a doughnut at mile 25??? Yes, I did-- and I paid the price as we drove home. Thanks to those family members that were with us and had to wait in a hot car while we pulled over 3 or 4 times before getting home. I know it wasn't a pretty sight.

Nick and all of his brothers ran the marathon. WAY COOL!

Luke celebrated his 8th Birthday. This pic was taken just after his baptism. What a great day--Luke you are BEST!

BiRtHdAy Girl--Lulu turned 5

Lulu graduated from Keekee's Korner--Thanks Keeks for a fun year

Nick ran the Squaw peak 50 miler... I still can't believe he ran that far. He did awesome!
I can't imagine running for almost 13 hours. Thanks Fritz, Christian, and Anthony for pacing him. You saved him.

RAGNAR OR BUST!!! The Valley Babes did awesome this year. We came in first place early Sunday morning--heehee:) We had a blast. I'm ready for more
Our big 4th of July party is always a hit. Here we are getting ready for the "Grand Marshall" to take her walk down the driveway singing "God Bless America."

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a dip in the pool

In all our "spare" time we managed to squeeze in a Yellowstone trip. What an adventure. Thanks mom/grandma
Probably the biggest event this summer-- that tops all--was "Dave's Bigfoot show." We watched it take on a life of it's own. Who would've thought 400-500 people would show up to hear Bigfoot stories? I guess there are crazy people that believe in the "unexplained."

Dad, you never cease to amaze me. Only you could pull off an event like this.

Nick and I sure don't understand those kinds of things????

PS...Bigfoot might be going on the road. I'll keep you posted. BIGFOOT OR BUST!

Here is to a great summer:)

PSS...Fall--please come slowly, I know you are close because I am seeing football players practice and school supplies are now on sale. I am not ready for the fun to end.