Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And The Gold Medal Goes To...

This past weekend we had 10th or 11th (who's counting)annual Froerer Olympics

What a fun weekend! It started Friday night with a great dutch oven dinner followed by a mean game of softball. The theme was introduced by Father Froerer. It was "Choices have consequences." Below is a glimpse of the T-shirts. Great theme. It made me ponder more on the choices that I make and what will become of those choices. Will I stop and eat a doughnut during the 1 mile race? or will chose to push forward and go for the gold? I chose not to eat a doughnut this time and it paid off. I Tied for first place with my cute niece Hannah. Now, I know that eating a doughnut at mile 25 during the marathon hurt my chances for the gold. I miss the good ol' days when the T-shirts had twinkies on them. One felt comfortable eating a twinkie or two and even slipping in a coke. Times are changing and therefore our choices are changing.
I'm learning to choose wisely.
We rose early Saturday morning to start the games. The first event was the 1 mile run--

The three musketeers taking a little dip in the pool

Our cheerleaders

The "Big Boy" race

The "Big boys" competing in the gunnie sack race

The couples in the three legged race. As you can see Nick and I are taking the picture...therefore we didn't take the gold in this event. We felt that staying behind and capturing the moment was more important than winning.

The "little ones" preparing for their sprint. We are proud of them all, but couldn't be more proud of the cute little girl on the left who ended up taking first place. I wonder who her parents are?

Luke and Hyrum in the three legged race
Alex in the gunnie sack race--I love this picture. I'll just lie and say that she took first place

Father Froerer set up a great waterslide in the back yard. It was an absolute blast! It made me feel like I was 8 again... I giggled and giggled.

Nick diving into the pool while completing the obstacle course

Me passed out after completing the obstacle course. You would have thought I ate a doughnut during it because of how I felt afterward (btw...I took 2nd place if you were wondering)

Lulu completing her race in the gunnie sack competition--we'll lie and say she took first too.

You won't see doughnuts on this table...One of the greatest events of the olympics is eating. WOW, we had amazing food. Thanks to everyone and especially Father and Mother Froerer for providing all of it. Eating is always a highlight for me.

I won't lie about this kid..."Lukey Duke" was the man. He did at least 10 pull ups. I'm not joking either, especially since I couldn't do one. Just hanging hurt. (btw...he took first)

The push up competition was a little out of my league. Here we've got Nick digging deep to pull one more out.

Everyone's a winner...cheetos were the consolation prize

Two bathing beauties
Just chillin in the pool

Father & Mother Froerer who made it all happen. It was the best Olympics ever. Thanks for everything. We love and appreciate you.

It was a privilege to be with such great athletes and compete with the world's best
Cute Nick and Alex

The awards ceremony

LuLu sporting her prizes

Luke with his prizes

Can't wait for next years Froerer Olympics...2010 here we come!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

who needs a mitt?

Who needs a baseball mitt? Luke has been playing ball all summer long. Luke has been trying to find himself in the world of sports. He seems to want to start new sports and then after a while they "get boring" he says. Well, the other night that all changed. As we pulled up to his game we realized that he had forgot his mitt. Humm???baseball without a mitt. It's like eating cold cereal without milk or canoeing without paddles. It's all "doable" but just doesn't quite jive. I went back home to retrieve the mitt but was unable to find the darn thing. Oh well--he'll have to just play without it. After a few innings had gone by his team was outfield and Luke was on third base. Bases were loaded the batter had 2 strikes and 3 balls it was tense(not really)it just makes the story more exciting. Just when we thought the game was going to be over the batter hit a line drive to third...just where our precious Luke was picking four leaf clovers. The roar of the crowd alerted him to turn around just in time to take his hat off and catch the ball. The crowd was no longer cheering for the batter they were cheering for LUKE. He had caught the ball with his hat. It was a moment I will never forget. I was so upset with him for forgetting his mitt and yet he proved me wrong. He even yelled after the big catch "see mom I don't need a mitt." He was named MVP of the game:)

We're hoping Luke will make it into the hall of fame with "Baberuth." I can just see a bronze statue of Luke holding his hat out and smiling:)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Summer has arrived. Yeah!!!
You know it's summertime...when you're eating watermelon.
Swimming at grandmas

Watching Tanner (my sister's boy) ride his bike with his new helmet
Alex and Morgan enjoying the Huntsville parade

Luke with his decorated bike

Nick taking control of the H2O

Alex and Luke tubing


Lulu--co captain

Me in my pajamas all day. Lately, I've been being tested. Whenever I am in my pajamas or running clothes the Missionaries stop by. I offered them some watermelon, but they said they were fasting (I know they really weren't--I think my appearance scared them). I think they stop by just to see if I have showered for the day. Next time they stop (hopefully I will be decent) I am going to offer them some watermelon and if they take it I will know that they don't trust a woman in her pajamas. Come to think of it...I wouldn't either.

I do shower on special occasions.