Saturday, May 23, 2009

Latest and Greatest For May

Okay--so here is the latest and the greatest for the month of May

Running the Ogden Marathon...yes all 26.2 miles. Look at her "forest" run. Proud moment for me. Feeling good...?

My running mate up until mile 16--Sadie you are awesome. Don't worry about ditching me. I let you beat me because I wanted to eat all the doughnuts at mile 25. I didn't tell you about my secret weapon--I wanted them all to myself.

Here is the secret weapon. A glazed doughnut. It got me to the finish line. I don't know many marathon runners who eat a doughnut at mile 25. I was starving and a kind volunteer said I could eat her doughnut. I was sick of oranges and "gu" I needed real sugar. Let's just say, it got me to the finish line, but it didn't make it home with me. I am officially cured of doughnuts. It was a blessing in disguise. If the church wants to ban doughnuts, now would be a good time. I am doughnut free as of today. No more Krispy Kremes--now when I see the "Hot Light" on I just keep on a driving.

PS--Sherene thanks for being there for me right when I needed you. I couldn't have finished without you. SHERICE AND JULIE FOREVER
Oh - ya before I forget Nick and his brother Josh ran the whole 26.2 miles too. (Sorry Nick and Josh--I didn't mean to brag about guys are awesome too!)
Luke was a bear in his cute first grade opera. I love this pic. It shows exactly how he feels about the opera. I caught him throwing spit wads out into the audience. Raising Luke:)

Another great event that happened this month was our Auntie Emily got married---Yeah, it was a perfect day! We are so happy for the both of them.

oops--wrong pic. (Sorry I had to throw that in. I like to keep up my funny pics)

Some family pics at the wedding. My camera was a on a bad setting, so bear with me and the blury pics.

Here is Lulu drinking red punch in her new dress right before the reception. AHHH A proud mother moment...Alex went to the science olympiad which is held down in Ogden. She competed in the speed stackers competition. She competed against all the other elementarys in the district. Her team took 2nd place. Way to go Valley! This is Alex doing a little demo for her cousins at the reception. STACKERS, STACKERS, STACKERS that is all I hear. HELP ME!

Speaking of Valley Elementary...A fond farewell to the greatest elementary school ever. Out with the old and in with the new. Great memories at good ol' Valley. Valley will be closing its doors on May 29th. Bulldogs Forever!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there. I know I am grateful to be a mother, daughter, sister, and wife. The other day Luke came home and said he needed some money to buy me a mother's day present at the "mini store." For those of you who don't know what the mini store is, it is a "mini" store set up in the school's multi-purpose room and all items are a $1.00. That even includes gift wrapping. It is the cutest idea and the kids have a blast buying items for their mothers. Being the good mother that I am I completely forgot to give him some money. But, that didn't stop him from finding a way to get what he wanted for his mother. He borrowed some money from a good friend and bought...

Flip flops: size 10 1/2. He decided to wear them and soften them up for me. He wore them around school and I'm sure his teacher and those that saw him felt sorry for him. They were probably thinking "that poor kid doesn't have shoes that fit him." "What kind of a mother would send their child to school in flip flop that are 6 sizes too big?"

Every mother needs a good flashlight.
You gotta love a good set of corn holders.
I can't wait for christmas to wear my new earrings. Thanks Alex for thinking of me.
This beautiful scarf that Lulu is modeling was purchased by Alex.I am the luckiest mother. Thank you Luke and Alex for your thoughtfulness. I love you guys!