Monday, June 22, 2009

Chasing Pavements...


THE BABES of '09
The adventures of 12 women who set out to conquer the world--well not really it just felt like it. They set out to run 188 miles.

People say we're "crazy," some say we're "insane," some will just say "lame," but WE say it's all for the "love" of running. We like to see the power of the human body pushed to extremes...funny how it does respond. Heroes are born and self-reliance is a must. It's amazing how when finishing excited and exhausted for a brief moment the world seems to be right.

Our Faithful Mascots

Barbie--AKA Trixie (The elements of the storm and the intensity of the race just got to Trixie--she had to let loose) Thanks Tiff for letting me use this pic.

Skipper--in timeout for giving us some mechanical trouble on Avon

Crissy really was a trooper after Skipper went to timeout Crissy pulled through--You know it's all in your attitude. You can do anything if you have a good attitude

Wanna take a guess what this is???

If you guessed the inside of a Honey Bucket you are correct.

A little family support goes a long way
One of our competitors "the Mullets" (you have to read all the different kinds mullets there are--my favorite: The Nebraska Neckwarmer)

Nurse Betty/Handy Heidi

Chasing Pavements
(our song and theme)

30 hours of no sleep can make for a little tiredness along with some crazy talk and lots of laughs


And we end with saying "The Babes will be back" 2010 RAGNAR or BUST!


Monday, June 15, 2009

When you...

When you...turn 7 life is great

When you...leave your keys on the front means trouble

When at the "Bistro" in Ogden(my new favorite restaurant) you get free butter mints. It's totally worth even pretending to use the bathroom to stock up on the mints:)

When you...mix breeds, you get... a dog named "Fish" (he is real too)

When you...pull the couch out to vaccum underneath, you get...(I'm totally embarrassed to even post this pic.)

When you...leave 8500 beads in the hands of a 3 year old you get...


When you...give your child suckers/candy you get...

a large dentist bill!