Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random "Snipits"

Random "snipits" I wanted to share.

I received this picture from a friend and it made me laugh.

This is exactly why you should always, ALWAYS... twirl once in front of the mirror before leaving the house. But just think how many people she made smile throughout the day.

I guess any time is a good time to iron. "Die hard" iron man---literally.
Now that's what I call the "Big Kahuna."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anything goes...

Anything goes...
Lauren playing shirtless at Animal Kingdom in Florida. Anything goes when you are at one of the happiest places.

LuLu--eating nachos for breakfast...anything goes. Why am I starting to think that the 3 year old is running the house?

Never fear...this is not what it appears to be, although when I first saw it on the floor I thought otherwise. Let's just say it is a "knawed" chocolate easter bunny. It gave me quite a fright when I saw a dark brown specimen on the ground. It's okay---anything goes...

Just a cute couple of rug rats takin' a chill on top of the fireplace. NO worries...anything goes around here.

Anything goes I guess when you are in love.

Anything goes....????

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Long Awaited "WTH" part III

I kinda feel like Stephanie Meyers (author of the "Twilight" series). I've been really wanting to get this post out for awhile. You try to save up all your good thoughts for the end. The Trilogy is finally here. "What The Heck" part III.

So, the other day I came into the office to find Alex multi-tasking. "WHAT THE HECK" reading while playing "mini-clip."

I guess this would explain her report card:)

Uncle "Willy"

Here is the uncle I never had. My dear grandma Hunter purchased this at the DI or Ross (I'm not sure). As she was paying for it, I couldn't help but think how ugly it was. "WHAT THE HECK" is that? and where are you going to put such a thing? (I didn't say those exact words). Her reply "it's the son I've always wanted." Your grandpa and I tried and tried to have a son, but weren't able to. We were just happy to have your mom and Nancy. Okay--too much information grandma.

God Bless you uncle Willy--wherever you are


I'm trying to keep the blog clean, but this is where it gets a little "racy" Literally, racy. What The HECK. I sure hope car #3 won. GO NASCAR!

"WTH"--you gotta be kidding me. I'd pay anyone to wear this contraption. I guess if you have allergies real bad, this might be the way to go.

"WTH"--We aim to please. I guess with the economy the way it is--some people will do anything for a buck or two.

So, here we have the Mullett family. I couldn't resist--WHAT THE HECK. This is a picture of our relatives that live in Idaho.

My all time WHAT THE HECK...I shouldn't be posting this picture. But, it is a classic and it is an end to the trilogy. I had to do it. Sorry to the kiddos that are reading this. I know this is a family blog, but out of all the pictures I have seen this is the one that makes me say WHAT THE HECK the most.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally some freakin Sunshine! Cookies and sweets...

a little pre-Easter treat! oh - they were good...

Mm-mm Good

Don't mess.

Some sunshine

Little Lulu and couzy Julia

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What The Heck Part II

Okay--so as the week went on I found myself saying "what the heck" a few more times. Maybe I am crazy, maybe that is how life is. I'm not sure, but please "What The Heck."

On Wednesday I took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens. We went to the 2:00pm show and as we walked into the theater it was completely empty. We had it all to ourselves. Not ONE single person was in the theater. WOW--what a treat...Lauren could roam free up and down the isles and Luke and Alex could fight out loud about who was going to hold the popcorn. How great to have this large and spacious theater all to ourselves.

As the movie started and we were all settled I noticed a family of five walk in. As they carefully walked up the isle I thought to myself "well so much for the theater to ourselves." No worries there were 200 seats still available...we could share. As Luke and Alex were fighting over who was going to hold the popcorn another thought came to me "that would be funny if they sat in-front of us."

"WHAT THE HECK" they stopped at the end or our isle and looked at their tickets and again at the seats..seriously, are you kidding me. Their seats were right in front of us. Now, you know how it works. You know that when you buy your movie tickets you look on a screen to see the availability and then you choose your seat. I guess I'm a little different. I like a good seat, but if I have 200 seats to choose from I am going to choose a good seat away from the four people who have already purchased their tickets.

Needless to say the movie was great-- We only got one look of disgust. Lauren was having a hard time keeping her legs still. She thought it was fun to kick the chair in front:) My thoughts to those sitting in front of us "What the heck" you could sit somewhere else ya know. Sit at your own risk.
Here are some pictures that have made me say "What The Heck"