Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ode to summer...

Our summer days are winding down and fall is in the air. Here is an ode to summer of '09
Alex doing her thing...knee boarding and finally going outside the wake
This summer Lauren gave herself a new haircut. Fortunately, it was just a trim
Alex (#10) playing soccer in Park City. Way to go Firecrackers!

Luke decided that our garage needed a little makeover. I just thought that Zorro had come and left his mark printing an L instead of a Z.

It wasn't hard to find the suspect out. LUKE

What a air balloons landing in the backyard.

Summer wouldn't be summer if it didn't include a family reunion. We had our 1st and now annual Carver reunion at the "Heber Valley Camp"

We all did the challenge courses which included climbing a pole, traversing a cable or walking across a log that was 30 feet above the ground, and ending with a good thrill on a zip line. We all conquered our fear of heights.

All of my dads 7 siblings and their children and their children and so on were part of the great event. "The Gorbees" was what we the "Dave Carver family" called ourselves. Don't ask what a "Gorbee" is, because no one knows what a "Gorbee" is, except for Grandpa Carver. God bless you gramps. It was fun to be together with family and share memories and stories of Grandpa and Grandma Carver. We love you both and felt your presence. What a legacy you both left.

Our hike that ended with a beautiful view of Moose Meadow
It is hard to say goodbye to such a wondeful summer,
but excitement is in the air for school to start

Luke sitting in his desk. What a super cute 2nd grader

The F's and B's were the first ones to enter through the doors of the new Valley School.

Here is a peek of my new classroom. Thanks to Keeks for the cute idea and a special thanks to my Lukey for the graffiti idea. The principal said "graffiti already." But, isn't it cute? Perfect for 6th graders.

We have had quite the summer...Life is pretty great!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Horses, chickens, and pigs...

Every August the fair rolls into town. We love to support the local fair and enjoy some good tunes by the band "Dark Horse." I always come away wanting to be a cowgirl and I want Nick to wear a cowboy hat. I want our family to start raising chickens, cows, and pigs. I then come to my senses and realize that we can't even take care of an ant farm. How could we take care of horses, chickens, and pigs. Instead of being a cowgirl and Nick a cowboy I've just started listening to country music. That will have to do.

Here are a few pictures of what we saw at the fair

No joke...

Only at the Ogden Fair will you see this...

One of the main attractions at the fair...DARK HORSE