Sunday, March 29, 2009

A follow-up to "Why".. What the Heck!

I have had a few choice moments in life that have made me say "what the heck." I'd like to share a few. The Super 8 Motel in Moab--over priced for a room that has bedding as old as you are. It is hard to read the fine print, but it says due to the popularity of our guest room amentities our housekeeping department now offers these items for sale: Hand towel $9.00 or my favorite: Pillows $15.00. I bet The Super 8 pillows give Motel 6 a run for their money.

I was a little leary to even use the cups. They should've had a warning label on them that says "do not use if plastic wrap has been removed."

Here is a great pic. of how large and spacious this expensive room with updated decor looks like.

My all time favorite "What the Heck." I can't believe it...Baby Alive is now "$19.99." WOW what a great price. At christmas time it was going for $70.00. I'm sure santa didn't know that the economy was going to take a turn for the worst.
I know you are wanting to say "what the heck" go ahead it is okay. I can explain this one. Now, please know that I am a fair teacher and I love kids and I want all my students to succeed. This one particular boy had a hard time sitting in his seat, so for an intervention I gave him a one legged stool to sit on. Let's just say that I got and "A" on my project. Little "Timmy" (not his real name--I want be confidential in my profession)was one of the top students in my class and learning took place. Go get em "Timmy."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So that explains it...

So that explains it...

I have noticed lately that Luke hasn't had much homework. I asked him where all his homework was and why he didn't have any. He told he was on a 9th grade reading level and therefore he didn't need to read or do homework. We went to parent teacher conferences last month and his cute teacher said that he has finally decided that being in first grade is okay. Luke is my happy, go-getter, school is great boy--NOT. He could sleep in till noon and live off of pizza rolls everyday if he had his way. I was doing a little cleaning and found some evidence that would explain where all his homework has gone. Oh--how I love parenting.

Looks like someone has alot of explaining to do.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Why??? just crazy random thoughts I've had on my mind....

Why are Cadbury Mini Eggs so delicious and addicting?

Why are all the sippy cup lids gone in our house? I buy sippy cups every week. Is there such a thing as the "sippy lid fairy?"

Why can't I back our boat down the ramp? It is one of my fears in life. Is it really that hard? (btw...this is just a random picture of someone backing their boat down a isn't me. I can't do that:)

Why is Hawaii a piece of heaven? ( I wish I was there right now)

Why do we have to grow up?

Why couldn't I have come up with the idea of creating an ugly doll that poops and pees?

Why is it that three year olds just can't smile? Well, they smile in their own way I guess.

Why do some "things" have to come to an end?